I’ll admit it. When I am cold, I am grumpy. Blue in the soul, not just the lips. When I heard that whisper about the best winter ever, I knew that in order for me to embrace the winter season, I would need to find a way to stay warm. And that wouldn’t be easy!

I believe it’s related to my under-active thyroid, but even when it is regulated, I have a horrible time keeping my hands and feet warm. I can even have icy feet when I get into bed in the summer on occasion.

So I sought some professional advice from my adventurous outdoorsy friends, (people-who-even-camp-in-the-winter kind of adventurous). I told Damien about my problem with staying warm, but wanting to get out more in the winter. I also prefer to be barefoot in the house (and outside) because my feet/legs feel better that way, but in the winter my feet would freeze in the house.

He gave me some great advice that really made a difference. Wear smart-wool socks, and wear ones that go all the way up to my knees. And find good long underwear. He said that keeping my calves warm would help with the circulation in my feet. I gotta tell you, it really has made a difference. I think I”ll put “smart wool socks” on my Christmas list every year. 🙂

More warm thoughts coming your way!

Does the cold bother you in the winter? Any tips to share on what works for you?

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