Growing up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and in Maine, winter meant boots, mittens snow-pants, and scarves. My mom would wrap the scarf across my face and around my neck, and tie it behind my head. (I now bless my own kids with this ritual). Remember?

I wouldn’t have thought of a scarf as a fashion item. I’m not talking about the light, fashionable-store-scarves; I’m talking warm-and-fuzzy-keep out-the cold-scarves. But a handful of years back, my mom scored some very neat winter scarves when a friend was closing their business, and gifted them to me. (My mom is an Amazing Gifter of neat, fun,  pretty and frugal finds!)

They were so pretty, and and extra long and fun, I would actually want to wear them. And I couldn’t believe what difference having something warm around my neck made in the cooling fall weather. I wear them through 3 seasons. I wear them with my shirt in the house (and warm socks), and I can  just add warm sweater when I go out. No more winter coats in October!

And I personally find them fun and cute as an accessory. And since I am the one who needs to feel warm, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. (Oh, I wish I could have felt that way at 14 years old! LOL)

I have been seeing some scarves on people lately, that are a cross between the gauzy fashion-scarf and something a little heavier and warmer. But I love the extra warmth of knit scarves.  I think I need to add another one to my collection!

Are you a scarf person?

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3 Thoughts on “Day 14: Scarves: Not just for sledding anymore!”

  • Yes! I’ve been wearing scarves in the house more too, for the warmth factor. I’ve cut off the bottom of a few t-shirts (thank you pinterest) that have colors I like and then they double up nicely as an infinity scarf that stays out of the way while I’m going about my day with little ones. Gives me extra scarves, on the cheap.

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