I decided to do this series as a way of helping myself slow down and focus on the season, and remind myself of what I have learned about being the best Me during the Dark Days. And I also figured maybe someone else might benefit a little bit from my experience. But it would be very easy for me to be so busy thinking and writing about embracing autumn, that I would forget to actually do it. So some of these posts will just be about how I am embracing autumn on any given day.

Like today, for example. We took the time for a little detour on our way home, in quest of a scenic view or two. And I actually remembered to have my camera with me, for sudden stops to “smell the roses,” i.e. the crisp fall air blowing over the sunny horizon.

That’s one thing that I am purposing to do: to have my camera with me when I leave the house, and to leave time and make time for view-chasing. Not just views, but anything that helps me to pause, and drink in the season. Even the view of my hubby splitting wood for kindling. 🙂

And taking time to play. For me, part of that is playing with my photos.

How did you Embrace Autumn today? Do you find it easy or hard to make/take time to “smell the roses?”

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