I am a sugar addict. I have a lot more to say about how that has impacted my journey to a better winter in some upcoming posts.  (Along with some recipes!) But I had to take a moment to let you know about an amazing deal that is going on, just today, Monday 10/15/12, on a cookbook that took so much stress out of having healthy, whole food, allergy-free snacks ((with way less sugar!) and breakfast available in a flash!

I have blogged several times about the amazing healthy snacks I have learned to make from this book. I make something from this cookbook at least 3-4 times a week- they have become such a staple in my kitchen. I wanted to mention this today, because for 24 hours, Katie’s Healthy Snacks to Go e-cookbook is available for kindle for $0.99! That’s less than the cost of a Lara bar, which you can soon be making in your kitchen! 🙂

Grain-Free Blueberry Muffins- we call them Magic Muffins.

Popeye Bars. You won’t believe how healthy these are! Ssshhhh… don’t tell my kids!

These pictures are of two delicious and healthy foods I learned to make from Katie Kimball‘s book. She has another cookbook that I have, about incorporating more beans into your recipes. I’ll be mentioning more about that later.

Back tomorrow with more Embracing Autumn… but you might wish you had this cookbook when you see some of the food pics I’m posting later in the month! 🙂

I am a proud affiliate for Kitchen Stewardship, so if you decide to purchase her ebooks via the link below, I receive a portion of the sale. But if you have been considering getting the Healthy Snacks to Go book, hop over to Amazon.com today!
Click here to visit Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship.


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  • Just wanted to add my vote for this book. I had the first edition, and made almost every recipe in there by the time the second edition came out. The gluten-free options are really helpful too. . .not lame recipes you’d never want to eat. 😉

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