I got knocked down and out with a terrible cold on Tuesday. So in order to be caught up, I decided to just call this day 18 and 19. (And then I’ll sanitize my laptop). Photos are from Sunday, a day spent Embracing Autumn, family style.

As I said on Day 17, “Getting Creative” meant two things to me in brainstorming my posts. It meant both making time for and pursuing creative outlets, AND getting creative with my approach to the Short Days. I have shared a few creative things in previous posts. Like, changing where I keep my thyroid medication, and getting myself exercising.

my handsome guy who took good care of me (and the kids) yesterday

I was cracking up the other day at my “creativity.” You know I mentioned our little electric fireplace we bought for our porch? Well, it has been raining way more than it hasn’t been raining this fall. One sunless gray day after another. And suddenly very chilly, barely getting out of the 40’s some days.

So, in the spirit of “Finding Cozy” and “Staying Warm,” I have had that little electric fireplace in every room on the main floor. I carted it out to the kitchen, to keep me company with coziness on an afternoon where I had a lot of things to make.

little church in Naples where my folks' still live

When I had my long day of teaching piano and voice lessons, I lugged it into the piano room, to make the room cozy and warm despite the dark and rainy day. I also lit a mulled cider candle on my desk. Maybe I am more impressionable than most people, but it totally changed my mood from dreary to cozy when took it around with me on those days. Fortunately, it’s quite light weight! A couple of my students commented on the coziness, too!

Song River Queen on Long Lake... not put to bed for winter yet!

Some others way I try to get creative in going from dreary to cozy are:

Deciding to declare it “Cozy Movie Day” with the kids, instead of “stuck inside day.” We’ll make a quick healthy treat, and/or pop some popcorn, grab some pillows and blankets, and instead of feeling “stuck inside,” that afternoon is now an event.

Have a Hot Chocolate Party, ours is homemade, and dairy free (or Tea Party), because a little chocolate makes everything better. (Ahem. Yes I have a chocolate issue)

Head to the library. We adore our library, and don’t get to go often enough. So sometimes, when we feel stuck inside, we “find cozy” at our library. It’s a beautiful bright space, with an amazing stock of books for all ages. Instead of running in and out exchanging books, we might go and stay for a while. The kids can play and read, and I can search for things to expand our learning, or find a book for myself and read.

What about you? Do you have any little things you fall back on when you feel Short-Days-Dreariness coming on?


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