Hooray for finally starting to feel back to normal. My hubby took me out for a short photography date on our way to Lowe’s; our bathroom door has had no knob for a week. 🙂

view in Lowe's parking lot- thanks to my zoom lens!

We headed over to the little memorial park where my hubby’s name is on a monument for his brave service during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I’ll have monument pics soon. For today, I was focusing on the falls, the sky, the river, and the seagulls.

The air was crisp but not too cool, and the sun came just when we got there. HOORAY! SUN!

It really doesn’t take much to lift my mood. A little sunshine. A little fresh air. Going slightly out of my way, and stopping to lift my eyes and see there is something worth gazing at.

It causes my mind to become quiet, my body to breathe deep.

And leave me wondering… why don’t I do this more often?

Is it hard for you to stop in the rush of life and take a moment to refresh your soul? What kinds of things help you breathe deep and fill back up?

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