The kids are nearly well, and I’ll have time to start my baking and posting about fall food the sugar-free way! For now, in between passing the tissues and filling the nebulizer, I’m having more fun with pictures from Sunday, and enjoying the reprieve from the rain with my girls.

the tree house their big brother and daddy built

The girls are always up for a little outside time with me. It finally really felt like fall today, with DRY crisp air, and the leaves were crunchy under my feet instead of mucky.

leaves are starting to fall... soon comes LEAF PILE JUMPING!

Call me crazy, but I enjoy the fall ritual of stacking wood as a family. My son, towering over me at this point, also helps split kindling. The smell of wood, knowing that we are stacking up the coziness for those cold, snow days head… I just love it.

waiting to be stacked!

Our big oak tree has finally turned beautiful, and the sun was hitting it just right when I got home today.

my swing, beckoning me to come sit, and soak up the fall this weekTomorrow is supposed to be very sunny, and my swing is beckoning to me. I think we’ll grab a wool blanket, and our reading books, and go out and soak up the fall sun.

Did you soak up some fall today?

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