I continue to look for autumn beauty as I am out and about. I usually think I need to leave the city to find it. But I am finding it every where I turn.

I’ve been itching to photograph railroad tracks during autumn. These tracks are behind Rite Aid, near our library. Perhaps I’ll photo what the area looks like when you turn around from here. You’d never guess, just by seeing this photo.

Today I took time to deliberately create some beauty at home with my 7 yr old. If you could have seen her bouncing up and down picking out pumpkins and corn stalks, choosing the ribbon, trying different arrangements! This ritual meant so much to her, and I nearly didn’t get around to it. But it was an event.

I let her arrange her finds on the porch. We ran out of daylight, so I promised we’d work on it some more and take better pics tomorrow, and she wants to wash up the pumpkins. 🙂 The reaction when Older Sister came home from dance was her reward!

How are you doing this fall? Are you finding beauty in unlikely places? Keep looking!


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