Something happened this week. All of my efforts to embrace the beauty of the season came together, getting over being sick, having an only-normally-crazy week that made it a little easier to make important family rituals happen, to chase beauty, and just plain live the beauty of my life.

view of the sky from my swing this afternoon

The sky was such a rich blue, and the leaves were glowing in the sun’s rays.

another view from my swing... the color combination made me happy! 🙂

Even though we started school late (still sleeping in while bodies finish healing) we made it out for a good portion of the afternoon. And just played together.

first leaf-pile jump of the season!

Swinging and soaking up the sun and crisp breeze. Snuggled up with alternating kids as they took turns jumping… it was a delicious fall afternoon. I am so glad I stopped to live it.

Did you remember to live autumn today?!

Sugar Challenge Update: Day 2. I totally woke up craving sugar in the middle of the night. I did not give in! I rewarded myself with these muffins for breakfast. These are super low carb, with about 1/4 tbs of maple syrup per muffin.

raspberry muffins... aaahmazing

This is my go-to muffin recipe right now. It’s from Katie Kimball’s Health Snacks to Go e-book. Only I cut the syrup in half, and add 3 tiny scoops of stevia powder, and I added fresh raspberries. 🙂

I am a proud affiliate for Katie’s e-books. If you’d like you check them, you can head to Kitchen Stewardship here. I will receive a portion of the sale.


One Thought on “Day 26: Living It”

  • Spring, let me say again how much I love this series you’re writing. I miss you and “hearing” your voice each day is a joy for me. and then a post like this is double joy.

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