Maybe I’m shallow. But if you’ve ever read anything about depression, you’ve read about the importance of showering and dressing decently each day to help lift your mood. And I’m sure you’ve experienced the slump of an I-decided-it-was-too-much-work-and-who-is-going-to-see-me-anyway day, and how the day really does live up to your low expectations.

I’m also cheap. A couple winters ago I started collecting clearance-rack and Goodwill jewelry. I adore cheap jewelry, because then I don’t have to feel bad if I lose it. It  is so cheap, I also dare to take a risk every now and then, and buy the oo-I-like-these-but-do-I-dare-to-wear-them type of earrings.  Because if I only paid 98 cents for it, it wasn’t too big a loss.

$0.98! 🙂

And you know what I found? There are some dark, cold and gloomy days when a pair of pink glittery earrings, or big gold hoops, added to my daily ponytail does something for my psyche. It’s like, a Good Hair Day for the ears. It makes a statement. I am setting the tone for the day.  A tone of fun, energy, and optimism. Maybe I’ll add a little touch of pink lip gloss, and then I can grab my cup of tea and seize the day. Instead of letting it seize me.

a cute Goodwill top is a step up from a t-shirt... good for morale! 🙂

What do you think? Does the effort you take with your appearance have a profound affect on your outlook sometimes?

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