One of the things about Keeping Trying, is also knowing when to take a break. During my Healing Days, with finally getting proper medical care, and a little psychological support as I worked my way to normal, I had a counselor say something to me like “It is good that you know how to push yourself forward. Because you have to fight to climb your way out of the pit. But be sure you also schedule some melt-down time occasionally.”

Really? Schedule a melt-down? But a first-born, Type A, Overachieving, Artistic Type is really good at running on adrenaline. And knowing what things energize me, it’s easy to keep reaching, to keep myself going. This is a very good and healthy way of knowing my own wiring during the Dark Days.

on a nature walk for Levi's biology lab

However, our bodies are not designed to live at the kind of pace all the time. We physically need down time, true down time. And if you have ever spent time in the pit, that kind of do-nothing time can make you nervous.

the weather this week was truly a gift... I am still reveling in it

I prefer not to think of “balancing” life, but of finding the rhythm of each season. And whatever your reasons, purely physical, or spiritual, I think our modern society could benefit from an old fashioned Sabbath. Not a Day of Rules full of Do Nots. But a day, carefully set aside and prepared for, guarded as vitally important, to rest from the Must Do-s, and revel in the Refreshing and Refilling of whatever it is that works for you.

One of the benefits of getting older, is learning what rhythm works for me. I love new creative projects; they are so energizing! And then I love the break and rest that comes after completion.

It’s how I’m wired. I’m wired for artistic endeavors, and that’s how they flow. Inspiration. Major effort. Completion. Crash. 🙂

sun sets earlier and earlier... makes it easier to take sunset shots! 🙂

As the Short Days steadily approach, I am already thinking about the rhythm of that season. Planning some fun (a one-off book club with my mom and some friends!) Pondering some creative outlets. (Community Theater, perhaps?) But I am also keeping in mind the normal pacing of my life. How busy will my kids’ be? How can I plan for us to have a day of rest, so I don’t burn out my adrenal glands? What books do I want to read? How can I plan to get myself outside despite the cold? Do I need new boots?

I am already planning a little Winter Solstice party for myself… to celebrate the winning out of Light over Darkness. The passing of the shortest day of the year. Kind of like an “I Survived Winter Solstice” kind of thing. I realize that the long, cold days of winter still follow that, but the truth is, that the days get steadily longer after that point. And sometimes, it’s good to find a reason to celebrate. 🙂

Do you know your own rhythm for activity and rest? Do you plan ahead for a successful winter season?

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