It’s November. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that. Although the 31 Days blog challenge has ended, I am looking forward to continuing my re-energized blogging as the season continues. (You can find all of my posts on 31 Days of Embracing Autumn: So Long, Seasonal Affective Disorder listed here.)

view out the window above the couch where I sit while blogging this morning

This has been a bit of a re-grouping week, getting back into the school routine after taking turns being sick. Getting up a little bit earlier each day. Easing back into exercising. And looking ahead to the coming season.

looking out the same window into the yard- not much color left!

Planning ahead for hosting Thanksgiving, my middle dancer in the Nutcracker, two birthdays (both of my girls were born in December), and then Christmas. Working deliberately at planning ahead, in preparation that must be done, and also in how we want to make sure we fully soak up each part. How we want to focus on the Reason for the Season for Christmas. And at the same time, not losing sight of the now.

daily math work- flowers from Botany lab adorning the table for a little homemade sunshine

The Now includes math, and piano practice, and the reading of tons of good books. It includes the preparation of healthy comfort foods, and treats. (More food posts coming soon, I promise!)

hard at work at the piano- this is the "assigned practice time"- they will continue to go in to the piano room several times a day to play some more 🙂

The Now includes noticing the last few red leaves clinging to a maple seedling. And taking the time to get out and swing, bundled up if necessary. (Although it’s been in the 60’s since Hurricane Sandy passed by!)

we love the swings my husband rigged for the kids a few years ago- I've even been known to swing on this one myself!

And then taking time to revel in it again, as I document it here.

mums came inside during Sandy... forgot to put them back outside!

We are really big on thankfulness around here- spontaneous and declared. But what a great time of year with Thanksgiving come to us in 3 weeks, to look at the view from wherever I am sitting, and count the Good Things.

Would you like to count the Good Things with me this month?


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