I can’t believe it is already 8 years ago today, that we were blessed with our Molly Elisabeth! She was even more of a premie than her sister, being nearly 5 weeks early, due to my blood pressure, and early signs of eclampsia. She was 4 lbs and 11 oz, another little doll-sized baby.

Once again, we knew we had ideal older siblings in our family. When we brought Molly home from the hospital, Phoebe just loved to hold her. One day she looked up at me, precious 3 yr old holding her new sister in her lap, and said “This is my baby, Mom. You can get another one.”  It didn’t matter that Molly couldn’t play with her yet, they were chums right away.

Molly is a wonderful mix of sweet and spunk. One minute she was a princess…

And the next, she was digging through her big brother’s dresser for a different costume:

Although, (typical of the third child) I don’t  have quite as many photos of her, I had started blogging, and we had fun today going back through old posts. Here are some of our favorites:

Age 3:

“Where is my remembalizer? Get it? I call it ‘remembalizer’ so I remember it!” (she was speaking of her nebulizer which she had to use 7 times in 3 days that week.)


Age 3:

After overhearing a fight between her brother and sister, Molly decided to try it out on me. Molly: “YOU NOT MY BOSS MAMA, YOU NOT MY BOSS!!!”Me: “Yes I am. I’m your boss.”Molly: “Oh.”


Age 4:

“Mom, maybe you should do laundry EVERY day… that way I will always have underwear in my drawer.”


Age 3:

I was doing Molly’s hair, and Phoebe was snuggling with Rich across the room. Molly yelled out “Hurry, Mom! Phoebe is taking all of Daddy’s love!

She has always been very articulate. Molly is the one who got my high-speed/high-volume talking. But she doesn’t over-much care what people think. (Not like me). I tell her that I hope she stays that way, but it would be nice if she sometimes cared what I think. She cares about keeping up with the big kids (insisted on starting schoolwork much younger than I did the other kids).


One of the sweetest things about Molly is that she a true giver. Few things make her happier than planning surprises or preparing gifts for others. She put her own pennies into the adoption fund on multiple occasions. She has spent hours poring over the World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse Christmas catalogs, planning a gift. And sometimes, mid-year with no birthdays or holidays, she has said “I just reeeeeally need to give some gifts to people!” so she has spent her own money buying things for each family member “just because.”

"it's a music note!"

Molly, I so enjoy seeing your sugar-and-spice self growing up! Your generous heart, your boldness, and intense love for your family and friends shines brightly. We are so glad that God surprised us with you! Thankful to have you in my life!





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