Suddenly, despite the overwhelming to do list, I got excited about preparing some special foods for the holidays. But not just special foods. I was excited knowing that I could make allergy-free and pretty healthy versions of favorites that would still feel like a treat for my family. First up, banana bread!

One of the things I liked about the Spunky Coconut’s original recipe, was that it was for 2 loaves. Because one loaf of banana bread NEVER lasts long enough… and while I’ve already got everything out, it’s just as fast as making one. (And with it already doubled, if I end up having conversations with 3 kids, my husband online and taking a phone call, I don’t mess up the doubling part in my head!)

My tweaks:

Instead of coconut sugar (expensive and still sugar, so I don’t buy it) I use 1/3 cup of honey, and then add 5-6 of the mini-scoop of my stevia extract. I also used melted butter instead of coconut oil (because I ran out).

We don’t miss all that sugar in regular banana bread at all. And it’s so moist and flavorful, it’s a huge hit with people who don’t usually eat gluten/corn free!

I have a couple new cookie recipes I’m hoping to try this weekend… not your usual sugar cookies! 🙂

What are you making for the holidays??


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