Winter is in full swing here. We’ve been a little light on the snowfall once again this year, but we thankfully have enough snow right now to cover the brown. And cold enough temps to make our little homemade “rink” freeze over at last. I am craving some time out of the city, to chase some landscape beauty, but for now I am trying to make sure I continue to chase the beauty I have right here. (I just uploaded 111 photos to my laptop. I haven’t blogged in a month, but I’ve been getting out a tiny bit with the camera at least! haha!)

008The changing colors of the sky are the only colors to be found around here at this time of year!

This is a good winter for me. My preparations in the fall have definitely been worth it. While there are still plenty of cold months to develop some cabin fever, I am enjoying my choice to get outside, and breathe in the cold, fresh air. Bundling up with my knee high socks, my handmade hat, and snow pants… I’ll do what it takes to be warm, so I will continue to get out there!

091I’ve been running more than half of my treadmill time, and really feeling the difference in my mental health for this time of year! Keeping up my vitamin D, and my B vitamins. I’ve had some fun stuff in the works to brighten the long dark days, too! I’ll be sharing more on that this week!

We had a long round of the flu beginning on 12/26… so we had a very slow launch into the new year. Now that our schooling and my teaching is back into routine, I am hoping to reclaim my writing and blogging and cooking and photography time!

How is your winter going? Keeping your vitamin D levels up?!


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