My husband and I are not very good at taking time away together. For starters, we are both homebodies, and after that, we like really using our free time to be spent together as a family. However, we know the importance of cultivating our friendship and romance, even if we are slow to remember at times! This weekend we were gifted with a chance to go away for one night, while a close friend kept our kids. Despite the cold weather, I really wanted to see the ocean, and feel the wind blowing the winter cobwebs out of my head. I wanted to hear the crashing waves, and see a horizon I couldn’t fit into a camera lens.

011We went to the Owls Head Lighthouse in Rockland. It was a nice little hike out to the lighthouse itself, with lovely spots to stop and take in the view.

012The sound of the waves and the wind (with no city noise) was such music to my ears.

014Deep droughts of the cold, crisp air, with the sun actually feeling warm in between gusts of wind… I need to get out to the ocean more often, even in winter!

spring at owls headI think I’ll be on a mission to get all of us out to explore some more lighthouses this winter! 🙂

rich at owls headI bet I can talk him into it! 🙂 (See how he carries my camera bag for me? Such a gentleman!)


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