Right now, my girls, my little princesses, are at their first dance with their first prince: Daddy! 🙂 Is he a true hero, or what!? They are at the Father-Daughter Valentine dance at The Dance Center, where both girls study ballet.

girls and daddy for danceLittlest Princess is gluten-free like me, and whenever an event comes up, or even an outing as simple as kids’ church on Sunday, it takes a little planning ahead for her to not feel left out. Instead of having her bring her own food to this most special event, I contacted the organizers and offered to make some GF options for the food table, so that Molly could just enjoy the party food with everyone else.

Since it was a Valentine’s Day dance, I wanted to do hearts and pink. Of course!


Because life is crazy these days, I wanted to go simple. I opted for this recipe for sugar cookies using Pamela’s Baking Mix. I made them vanilla instead of maple, and I did make the cream cheese frosting. MMMmmmm!!

014I also made some Bob’s Red Mill GF chocolate cake mix into cupcakes and used up the rest of the frosting on those. I can’t wait to hear all about it, and see the iphone pics! Memories in the making!

sisters for dance


One Thought on “Sweetness, To Go”

  • Wow, very creative! You are such a talented artist! I just LLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE the color pink with a fiery passion, and I am a big fanatic of hearts, although I don’t have a sweetheart yet (no romance at this stage of my life). And the girls look absolutely adorable! Love their dresses and hairdo! xD It’s no wonder you call them princesses with the beauty they have.

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