I am choosing to consider this post as early posting for next year. :)I actually just made this treat again, they were such a hit at Christmas. (And when I finally get all these holiday foods posted, I can have them ready as a collection for the coming November, right?

cookie dough truffles
cookie dough truffles

I saw this recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles at ChocolateCoveredKatie.com. They were a part of her “secret ingredient” series (meaning, they have beans instead of a flour/egg/oil base). They looked so good, I had to try them! I made them for our family Christmas get together, and didn’t tell anyone about the chickpea base until afterward. They were a huge hit! 🙂

My Tweaks on Katie’s “Cookie Dough Truffles”:

* I doubled (at least doubled, maybe more) the oats

* I reduced the sugar a little bit, because I added in a few chocolate chips

* I added a heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder

* I melted Enjoy Life chocolate chips (with a couple tbs of coconut oil), and after I had let the truffles sit in the freezer for a to harden, I drizzled the melted chocolate all over them, and then refroze them

As I was making the “dough” I kept tasting it until I felt like you couldn’t taste the beans. Since this was special party food, I didn’t want it to taste “healthy,” if you know what I mean? I plan on working on a sugar-free version soon… maybe using dates and stevia. Stay tuned!

I used up the leftover melted chocolate, by tossing in some peanuts and shredded coconut into the pot, and then dropped on wax paper to harden in the freezer. (These never photograph well, but they are very popular around here!)

045These treats will be our Valentine’s Day treat tomorrow! They are very quick to make, and made of things I often have on hand already. Let me know if you try them!



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