Here is some “real life” of how this experiment/book club is working in our home. I was just prepping to make a sausage-egg scramble, when my 8 yr old runs out to the kitchen and says “Can *I* make it?!?!? I made it last time and everyone said it was soooo good!

I reply: “what part of it do you want to? Do you want to do all of it?”

M: “umm. Yes. If you think I can. Maybe with just a teeny bit of help from you.”


P.S. the dirty counter? Last night’s kitchen clean-up didn’t get finished up. Whose turn was it to clean off the counter? Mine! {sheepish grin} I wonder where they get it from!?

IMG_2407 - CopyIMG_2408Success!

Oops, I forgot the part about having her wash up her pots and utensils afterward. The hardest part of this whole thing, is that I am responsible for remembering what we are all supposed to be doing! 🙂


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