Coming back to life after a long winter… slowly. Feel a little bruised in the soul after the last several months.

007 My mind is having a hard time believing winter is over.

026 Shifting my eyes UP, for some perspective.

027 The kids leap headlong into the new season.

002 I think I need to follow them 🙂



Here’s to brighter, longer days, warmth, and the long exhale, getting winter out of our lungs.




2 Thoughts on “exhale…”

  • The minimum recommended amount is 2 of the 29 oz tubes per 4.

    When I would go there would be other people there finishing there recordings or just starting.
    Quick Fix – Turn off any music or TVs you normally leave on.

  • Hi Spring! I found your name on lessons4you.com, but the phone number and e-mail on that site didn’t work, so I’m hoping I can reach you this way. I’m looking for a piano teacher for 3 of our kids. If you are currently taking students, could you contact me? susanna dot dundore at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

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