So here it is, the first real snow,
The kids are watching t.v. though
They were outside, at least I think
Till Levi did a snowball throw.

While I put on Molly’s boots
And hat and mittens, and my own too,
The third one came back in the door.
It’s cold, he’s done, off come his shoes.

So children numbers 2 and 1
Are still outside and having fun,
I escort Molly out the door
And Levi heads inside, he‘s done.

Angels in the snow abound
Phoebe is the true snow-hound
Despite a nose of reddest red
She asks if we can walk around the town.

But I have neither boots nor hat,
And now my toes remind me that
There are two kids alone inside.
I bribe the snow-hound with a snack.

The minute hand has barely crept
But yes, the entrance floor is wet
And so I know it’s not a dream
I guess it’s time for chocolate! 🙂

Inspired by Robert Frost, the first poem I memorized. Admittedly VERY poorly inspired, but what can I say… there are 4 kids here today and my time limited. I WOULD have tried to correctly emulate his rhyme structure.


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