I was having a fairly productive day- very productive in fact. Multiple rooms were being cleaned, culled, swept and vacuumed. I was thawing chicken in the sink for dinner… we have company coming tonight; I was picking up books in the dining room to move upstairs where I had relocated a bookcase; I was trying to potty train my 2 year old, who wanted desperately to poop on the potty, but was constipated… thus running in to the bathroom every 2 minutes for the last 2 hours.

Well, it finally all came together in one magical moment. I was freshening the cold water in the sink, and picking up the last of the books to be moved upstairs. I heard screaming from upstairs, and trotted up the stairs calmly, ready to hurry my little one into the bathroom. Too Late! She had pooped on my bed, on my WHITE bedspread, and Levi and his sister and friend were freaking out. So.

I get her on the potty, clean it up, strip my bed, all while Levi’s friend sat there and played video games; Levi had run for cover. 🙂 I never once lost my calm. I was so pleased. I was speaking comforting words to the little one, “it’s okay, it was an accident, you have an owie on your bum so I know it is hard… etc….” Then….

I bring her downstairs to make her some lunch so she can PLEASE take a nice long nap, and I hear water running. Yes. I had left the faucet running and the sink had overflowed and was running ALL OVER the kitchen floor. Did I scream? No. Did I cry? NO! I admit I did give a little sigh… and then proceeded to comfort Molly again who seemed more upset by the whole thing than I was. I think I deserve a prize… hmmm… something chocolate… and maybe a nap. It is quite exhausting being unflappable… maybe multi-tasking is not for me?


5 Thoughts on “You Have GOT to be Kidding!”

  • wow- that’s a morning to be proud of. Good thing is, lightening never strikes twice in the same place. She may make it to the couch next time!
    Love, Auntie Kate

  • EWWWW Pregnant chick says you deserve lots of chocolate or maybe starbucks just for not puking!!

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