unflappable- adj.

remaining composed and levelheaded at all times; unswayed by adversity or excitement; impossible to fluster to not get frustrated or irritated easily.

Yes, that about sums me up. I did not once rant, scream or even swear throughout all of these events previously blogged. While I felt near to tears a couple times today, (understandable since my shoe print has been melted into the vinyl in the kitchen where I stamped out a moderate sized fire, AND I had a horrible hair cut all in one day), I have only laughed and then sighed a little more than usual.

At the salon where I went tonight, (to have my hair repaired- if possible) the stylist commented that she was impressed I wasn’t totally freaking out over my hair (it was THAT bad). I told her I seem to be in some sort of endurance test, testing my unflappability. Well, I am proud to report, I did NOT flap. (I only had one extra cup of hot chocolate- therapy really, just to use the stove again… you know- fall off a horse and get right back on). And I did blog the events with several typos etc… again, understandable and I am not even going to edit them out. Typos are NOT a sign of flapping.


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