Well, our first foray into community theater was a huge success!! After two weeks of being up (kids included) until nearly midnight, I look forward to getting back to some normalcy!  But, as is usual with a great experience like this, it is bittersweet when it ends.

I will be posting some pics soon- probably tomorrow- but I am suffering from as adrenaline crash, so I can’t be bothered to download and upload all the pics tonight.  Just finished some homemade pizza with the fam, and there is an evening of movies and cartoons in our immediate future.

As I said to Phoebe, when she teared up while leaving the theater: “It’s always a little sad when a show ends, but we’ve made some great new friends we will see soon, and we always have the next show to look forward to!”  Not sure how long from now that will be… but there are a couple shows good for kids coming up in the new year in our area! 🙂


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