Not trying to scare you or anything!  This is me enjoying a piece of allergy-free candy handmade for me with love, by my sister-in-love Stephanie (John’s wife).  Made with high end chocolate, and some almonds inside!  There are also some with peanut butter inside!  A real peanut butter cup!


In my former life I was a candy-junkie.  Now the only treats I have are the occasional ones I make myself, trying to use recipes that use dates as the only sweetener.  And I don’t feel deprived!  I have actually become very thankful for my food issues that have forced my family to do what we were trying to do anyway… be good stewards of our bodies, by eating mostly veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, and a little white “meat.”  (haddock and chicken)

BUT!! It was a lovely treat eating that peanut butter cup!!  As I don’t do much sugar, one is all I need, so they’ll last me awhile… unless other family members keep helping me eat them! LOL!  Truly, though, I don’t mind sharing them, as the kids probably each got 6-7 pieces of candy this year from people at the play that night, and that was it!!  We are going to have a little fall-jump-in-the-leaves-light-the-pumpkins-party with a few friends (if we can get any to join us), and that’s all the celebration we need!  We’ll have cookies, made by me (allergy-free version), and popcorn (NOT eaten by me), and cider, and a fire in the woodstove… maybe we’ll even make a little music.  Any takers? 🙂


One Thought on “I am So Spoiled!”

  • We’d love to join! And I’m so happy you feel that way about your diet. I feel the same way. Very difficult at first but well worth it in the end. Happy for you to have some candy!

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