Too much is swirling around in my head to be able to generate a coherent blog post.  I’ve been waiting for a few days to write again, hoping it would settle down into something articulate.  But it’s not.  So, I am just going to start with the concrete and move on to random.  Maybe at least spilling some of what’s in my head will enable me to sleep better tonight!

The play is over.

It was fun, and we made new friends we hope to keep.  But I am glad to be done.  This past Sunday we were back at the theater recording the group vocals for songs.  It was fun to be back together for the afternoon.  But I REALLY look forward to this weekend, the first in months we have nothing on the schedule except church.

Our sign is down.

We have taken our house off the market.  It’s a really long story.  I don’t feel like telling it.  But it’s good.  I know it’s good.  But it’s a little hard, too.

Thanksgiving is at MY HOUSE this year!!

I have only hosted a family Thanksgiving one other time since getting married.  (Of course, I didn’t host before I was married either.)  Two of my three sibs will be here with their families, and my folks, and my honorary-sister, who is really my aunt, but is barely older than my husband.  So I am like an auntie to her kids.  They will all be here too.  I am really super excited to have them all here.  We’ve been emailing the food plans for two days.  So excited, can you tell?!

New activities are starting up.

So with the end of the play, our more normal activities are starting.  The girls will be back at the Dance Center for session 2 in a couple weeks, and later this week Levi will try out karate at the Vineyard School.  His old gym teacher that he loved is teaching it, and he is very excited about it.

Tomorrow is our Leaf Party.

The kids are very excited, and so am I, for our Leaf Party tomorrow.  It’s our first one ever.  Featuring a lot of leaf-pile jumping, some homemade “bean bag” games (we used rice to make ours), and some healthy snacks, we are going to celebrate fall with some  homeschool friends.

It doesn’t happen very often, but I actually feel talked out… I think I’ll munch an apple, and hide inside Bleak House for a while before I go to bed.


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