Our routine the last few months, maybe several months, has turned this used-to-be-a-morning-girl into a night owl.  I find I don’t even unwind until after 12 these days.  So, that means my morning doesn’t really start until 8 or so.

But yesterday, due to not taking any allergy meds for two days, and going to  bed at 11:30 instead of 12:30, I found myself awake at 7:20, and feeling kind of ready to start the day.  (What a difference it makes, not taking those antihistamines!)  The kids still slept for another hour and a half  (night owls there, too, since the play), and I puttered raced around the house, getting all my morning chores done before they came down.

I had forgotten how much I miss being up early, in the quiet before mom-duties begin, and getting a jump start on my day.  Time to think, pray, get the laundry going, and get a few things checked off the day’s housework list.  When the kids got up, I was ready to just smoothly guide them through their morning routine, and into schoolwork, because I wasn’t trying to do my own list at the same time.  No rush.  Much less craziness.  It was wonderful.

I don’t expect miracles.  I don’t expect to suddenly turn back into a morning person.  But my interest is peaked.  Maybe I will find time to do my much needed light-therapy if I can back up my rising time before 8 more often. 🙂


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