Once again, I find myself scrambling to fit my girls’ two birthdays in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Phoebe’s birthday is December 2nd, and Molly’s the 18th.  We generally celebrate them together (as they prefer a double birthday for some reason!), so I try to do it immediately after Thanksgiving, to leave more space between that and Christmas.  (Molly ends up celebrating 2 1/2 weeks early every year, but at least the parties are a year apart!:)

As we have family coming into town this weekend, we have decided to celebrate the birthdays before they leave on Sunday.  So in addition to preparing for hosting Thanksgiving, I also need to birthday shop and party-plan!

Fortunately my mom has a friend who owns a Bed and Breakfast delightfully decorated in antiques, where they serve breakfast on real china.  This friend is hosting a fancy-dress tea party for us.  All I need to do is come up with a not-too-messy craft (we are making bead ornaments), and plan the fancy cakes etc.  It will probably take a trip into Portland to find some quality last minute gifts, and of course a trip to the craft store for beads.  But now that I have a plan I feel less stressed.  One of these years, I will remember in OCTOBER that my girls’ birthday party is right after Thanksgiving, and not be taken by surprise! I hope.


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