So, I probably sound like a broken record, being inspired by the this blog and this blog.  But they have had so much impact in how I look at my house, and find ways to not create perfection, but beauty, most of the time with what I already own, or spending very little.

Today, as I pulled out the Christmas decoration box ( I am down to one box) to test the lights, I was inspired with this idea.

mantle twigs

I wish I had a better picture, but you get the idea!  I had an little unopened package of mini-gift ornaments, too small for a large tree… more for like tying on a Christmas card.  I used the red and silver ones for this arrangement on my mantle.  And let Levi use the blue and gold ones for the DR.

mini twigs with presents

I might actually reverse, and put the gold with the red, and the silver with the blue.  But that’s an easy fix!

THEN!! I  had a few small gold balls left from a set that mostly worn out after 14 Christmases.  (I bought them for our first tree when we were married).  So I did this:

twigs and gold balls

I am so thrilled with this look!  I really am bare bones with Christmas decor, and really can’t afford to spend much.  But look what I did without spending anything!  Hmmm…. wonder what I’ll come up with next!! 🙂

(For the mantle, I used my son’s collection of red glass “rocks.”  So I will probably buy him a new bag, ($2) because I like it so much I will probably just change out the ornaments with the season.  In Jan,  I am going to try gluing little tiny clear beads onto sticks to look like icicles.)


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