Somehow, my life is a whirlwind.  I still haven’t figured out exactly how it happened, or even when… some kind of combination of circumstances and choices I am sure.  I find myself unable to leave home without my planner.

I don’t like that feeling.

There is so much good going on.  But even GOOD can be too much.  This leaves me sitting at home, color-coding a printout of my weekly life, consulting my planner multiple times in one day, and aching for a chance to catch my breath, evaluate the weather pattern, and see how we can tweak our life to make it less… I don’t know what?  Less complicated, less busy… less SOMETHING.

I am, however, very proud of myself for a couple boundaries drawn in the last week to keep things from spinning out of control.  I have said no.  I have set limits, even on good things, like time spent serving our church where I am on staff.  So far, people have been gracious.

So now, comes budget evaluation, and weighing things like the importance of my son fulfilling his desire to volunteer at the library against things like taking on another music student.

I will also admit, that in this usually very dark time of year (for me more than many), having things going on does keep me going.  Keeps me doing the basics I may let go if it were not for a student coming over, or having to take Levi to karate.  A certain amount of buzz is good for me.

I just want to balance things out before I get blown completely off course.


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