This adoption journey has been many things… ranging from thrilling to heartbreaking, and everything in between.  Life-changing.  And this has probably been the easiest part.

haiti_june 084 (Small)

So much adjustment is ahead of us all.  We are going to need God’s help, wisdom and strength to navigate it.

One good thing about this process, is that it keeps you thinking, keeps you praying, keeps you asking, and keeps you listening.

I remembered in one of my God-chats this week, that as a little girl, whenever we had missionaries visit the church, and share their stories, and encourage people to ask “God, do you want me to go out for you?”, that I would say “What about ME, Lord? Do you want to send me? I could go!”

And as there never seemed to be any answer, I figured, a little bit sadly, “I guess He isn’t calling me.”

And now, 15 years of marriage, and 3 kids later, I have been privileged to love on some orphans in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  And Rich and I both strongly believe we are not done with Haiti, even when our boys come home.  We don’t pretend to know what that looks like. We only know that at this point, after the sudden change of direction to our path, we have to remain open!  The sky is the limit.  As Rich said, “this is just the beginning of the adventure.”

Yes, there is still so much of wonder, that “this-is-really-my-life?”-feeling in this journey.   God’s timing is truly not our timing.  But it is a thrill to watch Him unfold His plan.

rich and two orphan girls at church

I have always wanted to go to a foreign country, and speak French.  (I think I have mentioned when I was 7 I decided I wanted to be able to speak FIVE languages).  Often I was convinced I had lost all the French I had learned.  But although my aural comprehension is rusty, I had a chance to speak plenty of French in Haiti, and also to try out my new Creole!

We know there are big bumps in this path we’re on. We have our eyes wide open.

But for now, I am choosing to revel in the wonder of it all.


3 Thoughts on “Wonder-ful”

  • Thank you Spring for taking the time to sit and write and then to share it here. You are a blessing to these children and to many readers. 🙂

  • C’est manifique. What a great match; a Franco-American community and a french speaking 3rd-world country. C’est bon, c’est tres bon!

  • You know what, Mike? Louise Johnson (adopting the 3rd brother here in Auburn) grew up in a French speaking house, and she said the many of Haiti’s “local French” vocabulary is like Canadian French, as opposed to Parisian French. Like “machin” instead of “voiture” for car. Pretty cool!

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