This summer has been a whirlwind, playing catch up on the house projects, school records, songwriting, and the many things that were pushed aside during the crazy season of adoption paperwork, putting on my parents 40th anniversary party, fundraising,  and traveling to Haiti to meet the boys for the first time.  I looked back through my blog and realized there are so many things I haven’t even written about… the concert we did, the party… there just isn’t enough time.  I have spent some time working on writing out the story of our trip, and our process thus far- can’t wait to share that with you, too!

But for tonight, I wanted to take a moment to think about the things I have learned so far on this faith walk.

I have learned:

* That rubber bands will wear thin and and break. I am now on probably my 12th and 13th rubber bands since the original Augenson gave me.  Plus I am wearing a second one on my other wrist that Wisly sent back for me when Louise was there this month.

* That it is easy to forget how to relax. I have spent the last 5 weeks of summer less busy than the first 7 months of the year, but still feeling frazzled, flurried and “behind.” But behind for what? The house projects are gradually being checked off, the boys are months away from coming home, and who says school has to start labor day weekend (when you homeschool!)? I am working on trying to unwind, even if it means school starts late this year.

* Sabbatical is not a four-letter-word. I love the Church.  I love to serve the church, and one of my most satisfying ways of “being me” is in leading worship for whatever body God has placed me in, whether for a weekly service, or a special retreat.  But our family has been on sabbatical now for two months, and the break has been lovely.  It was wonderful to just be home as a family, when one member was ill, instead of one of us having to leave and go fill our responsibility.  Or to go away for the weekend spontaneously!  I am beginning to ask God what our involvement looks like, as we settle back into Pathway Vineyard, but we want to be careful not to rush out of our season of rest until He says it’s time. In the meantime, God opens a door here and then, and we walk through…We have a ministry opportunity, to do a concert at the Salvation Army chapel, coming up at the end of the month, which we are now planning for.

* Community makes all the difference. Walking out this adoption journey is an exhausting, heart-wrenching, and sometimes terrifying thing.  The new extended family we have, of other adopting parents, and the people who have walked this road before us, and who are coming alongside us in support, have made this whole experience indescribably better.  We couldn’t do it without them!  (Now, to get connected in our new/old church, and find some community there as well!)

* That antihistamines, no matter how often you take them, still cause brain fog and exhaustion. There were more things I have been pondering in the last two weeks for this post… but the zyrtec may now be winning, as I can’t recall a single one! LOL!

Please be praying for my next trip to Haiti in October!! I am thankful it looks like I will be traveling with at least 2 others from Maine.  (God is so good!)

Thanks for walking this journey with us!

** Back to add in one more thing, that out of the fog I remembered…. I have learned that I need Jesus more than ever.  I need the power of prayer more than ever.  And that it is always hard, and wonderful, to be in that place.


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