Sewing….The perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon!

Phoebe received a fun box of fabric squares as a Christmas gift last year from my mom (who else!?), and had fun with some hand sewing, and other creative uses for fabric (my girls have endless ideas for things to do with fabric other than sewing LOL!).  But now, she was ready to “make a quilt for Baby Mario.”

Of course, Molly always wants to do what Big Sister is doing, and Phoebe graciously shared her fabric stash, and they played with designs, until finding the “just right” plan.

Phoebe graduated to using MY sewing machine for this project.  After three minutes of working together, she was ready to go solo- she did an amazing job!

phoebe sewing machine

Phoebe did most of the border pinning on her own, and I only helped her with the top stitching of the final couple sides.  She is so proud (and so is this Mama!)

phoebe finished quilt

Molly started out hand sewing, until Mama remembered a kid-sewing-machine we inherited a couple years ago.

It runs a little rough, but because it goes slowly, it allowed her to maintain control of the fabric feeding through (most of the time!).  She sewed the quilt top 95% percent herself, and I just helped with the border.

molly sewing machine

“I can’t believe I sewed it almost all my myself!” rings around and around the house! 🙂

“Sew” proud of my girls!!!

molly finished quilt


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